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Cookies are nothing more than a technology to remember something about you.
Sites are just out of memory content that would never remember you right after you leave. That is why the valuable importance of these small texts called Cookies to remember you when you visit them again.
Without Cookies, a website could never know your interests when you browse the web, thus making it much more difficult to find what you like to read, watch, buy and many other things that, with them, Cookies become. much easier and more profitable.
However, this does not mean that sites can track you to sell this information to other sites, this is not really a good thing.
Cookies are both good and bad, but it is worth understanding and learning to deal with.
You can disable them completely, to keep your privacy intact, consciously losing the valuable contribution of this technological resource.
As a precaution, you could read the privacy policy of the sites you visit, this would be very useful, because the web today is something fundamental in everyone's life and there is no way to simply ignore it.
Today almost all sites use cookies (most of them, fortunately, honestly). Browse carefully and wisely detect abuse.

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The applications stored on this website and available on the website and on Social Networks guarantee the user and user total security with their data, even because no data is collected at any stage of their use.

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